Jio and Byju’s- the two companies under spotlight as India leaves us behind in terms of internet users

A recent report by Mary Meeker reveals that at present India is the 12% of the world 3.8 billion internet users. Whereas China has 21% US holds a total of 8%. India leads globally in terms of internet users.

The report points out Mukesh Ambani’s RELIANCE Jio behind unprecedented growth in data use in India. The total number of people using Jio in India stands around 306.7 million and asperthe Telecom Regulatory Authority of India report this number comes down to nearly 40% of the country’s total subscriber base.

According to the report, in 2018, the annual data usage of Jio was almost 17 EB (exabytes). Jio’s last quarter result shows per month usage of data by an average consumer to be 11 GB and this must increase post 5G.

The spotlight on the Mary Meeker report falls on education unicorn Byju’s. The company had earlier reported that as total number of its paid user base increases to touch 2.4 million, its revenue has also tripled in this financial year, March 2019 and reached₹14.3 billion.

The online education according to the report, has been growing rapidly in the past few years due to the expensive tuitions fees in undergraduate courses and increasing student loan debt.

Byju Raveendran is known to be the founder of this 8-year-old start-up. Mr. Raveendran founded this company in 2011 and its last report suggests that it has grown to be the fourth most valuable start-up, having the valuation standing at $5 billion.

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