Blended Learning in an Organization – What are the Advantages? – Part 1

Blended learning is a training approach involving eLearning, mobile learning, classroom-based instruction, and face-to-face instruction. Increasing engagement, improving flexibility, boosting morale, and encouraging collaboration among employees can be seen when is implemented successfully.

Increases Learning Management

Blended learning enables your staff to tailor their learning experience to their needs. A fantastic way to increase engagement across the board is to combine cross-device eLearning content with classroom-based and face-to-face training. Shaking things up and providing multiple ways to access the information they need makes your workforce more likely to engage in the learning initiatives you have put in place when they need it. Attention spans are decreasing, so you need to make learning work on the terms of your employees to maintain good levels of learning engagement.

Improves Flexibility

Using a blended learning approach encourages flexibility in many ways. Not only does it enable your students to engage in a variety of different materials, but the flexibility of cross-device learning means they can work on learning in their working lives. Productivity demand is increasing, and sometimes learning can be left to the side of the road. Improving learning flexibility is a great way to improve completion rates and the interest of employees in learning throughout the workplace.

Provides More Reference Material

One of the best approaches to mixed learning is to make as many of your materials as possible accessible. For a few reasons, improving this accessibility is key. First, it allows you to meet more of your learner’s needs (when it comes to learning, there’s no one size which fits all). Secondly, it encourages your workforce to engage in point-of-need and on-demand learning, enabling them to refresh their knowledge or learn new skills as and when they need it to fit their current circumstances.

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