Most Promising Computer Science Jobs for the Next Decade – Part 1

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on computer technologies and IT plays an increasingly important role in our lives, computer science is becoming increasingly specialized. In a sense, it is going through the same process as other sciences as they became increasingly complex. The difference is that it took decades and even centuries with them, while new fields and areas of expertise appear every couple of years with computer science. Being an IT specialist is no longer enough — a person who is willing to build a career in this field must choose which specialized sphere she will be working in, and it is not an easy task with a rapidly changing industry landscape. Let’s take a look at some of the most promising computer science jobs you can use as a road map to steer your career over the next decade. 

Machine Learning Engineering

Currently, machine learning is one of the most innovative and promising fields of IT, pushing the entire industry forward and opening up opportunities that would have seemed out of science fiction even ten years ago. As companies from new and old industries begin to see a potential application of this technology to achieve their goals, the number of computer science jobs in this field increases with each passing year. Such a specialist’s job is to create, improve and deploy systems capable of automatic learning and improving independently.

Mobile Game Development

Over the past three decades, the development of video games has moved from taking a place on the fringes of the entertainment industry to becoming a $100 billion game that plays an incredibly important role in modern society, culture, and life in general. The PC and console games market is booming, more than tripled over the past decade, but the mobile revolution has led to the emergence of a whole new, increasingly promising field— mobile gaming. As smartphones and tablets become increasingly omnipresent, they change the way video games are played and perceived, creating a growing demand for them, and the development of augmented reality technology can give it a completely new spin. Also, the quality of products for mobile platforms is increasing, turning them into full-fledged games from mindless time killers to spend a couple of minutes waiting in a queue — even leading to the appearance of emulators like NoxPlayer that allow them to play on PC. All this shows that gaming-oriented programmers with mobile development experience will certainly not be out of work in the next decade.

IT Security

As information technology permeates all aspects of our life today, it is hardly surprising that IT security issues acquire a new degree of importance. As tech becomes more sophisticated, so do criminals’ methods. While IT dangers have been largely isolated threats people have encountered at random in the past, IT crime today is a whole shadow industry that is constantly evolving. Companies and other organizations are often subjected to massive targeted, well-organized attacks, hackers work in groups and offer their services to businesses and governments — that is, we live in the world that is just a few steps behind what we have seen in cyberpunk fiction alone. All of this puts an increasing strain on any company’s security that is willing to play it safe and protect itself from potentially catastrophic consequences of a breach. And, of course, to ensure that breaches do not occur, it requires highly qualified specialists.

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