Detail of all the candidates is being offered by Arappor Iyakkam through an App

This Tuesday an app called the has been release Arappor Appd by Arappor Iyakkam which can now be seen on Google Playstore,. This app offers details of all the candidates who have participated in the Lok Sabha elections in Puducherry and Tamil Nadu.

Arappor Iyakkam convenor Jayaram Venkatesan reportedly said that the app is made with the aim of creating awareness among the mass about the participants or the candidates in their constituencies.

Affidavits- based Information

This app according to Arappor Iyakkam is a is a key to information. It aims to enlighten the mass with every fact before they end up making vital decisions. He reportedly also mentioned that this app will consist of the candidate’s name, profession, educational background, annual income in the last five years. This fact list doesn’t end here. In fact, it would also include the details of criminal cases pending against them.

According to reports, more than 100 volunteers were working towards creating this app and that the app will soon be updated with information about the byelections for Assembly Constituencies.

Videos will also be available soon

Mr. Venkatesan reportedly said that they will also be releasing videos on the profiles of the participants for every constituency in a few days. In fact, growth in assets without income growth, criminal charges and variation in income within a short period is soon going to be trackable through this app.


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