Best Sources to Learn Blockchain Technology – Part 2

Google search for Blockchain has risen 1900 percent since 2013, and more so in the last two years. Considered one of the hottest technologies on the market, Blockchain is on the edge of transforming how we all interact in the digital world. But what are the sources to learn about it apart from Google? Let’s take a look at some of them:

Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy

A well-written book by Melanie Swan on blockchain technology, Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy primarily focuses on recognizing and examining the practical implications of decentralized ledger technology. The book is recommended for those people who want to know how blockchain technology works and its potential applications. As per the author, the inspiration for this book was the realization that the application of Blockchain technology extends well beyond digital currencies.

The Science of the Blockchain

Written by Roger Wattenhofer, the Science of the Blockchain explores the basic concepts and techniques for building fault-tolerant distributed systems and presents different protocols and algorithms that enable fault-tolerant operations. What it also discusses is the practical systems which implement protocols and algorithms.The author’s research interests include network algorithms, fault-tolerant distributed systems, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. He has published 250+ scientific articles so far.

Blockchain University

A great place to learn about Blockchain technology,Blockchain University provides a free course that will teach Blockchain development. For people who are interested in learning about Blockchain and its development, it’s a great resource.

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