Krea University and Inspirit partners to make the Virtual Reality experience even better for students

Krea University along with Inspirit announced a formal agreement today according to which knowledge at its most personal level is now possible. Undergraduate classes will be using virtual reality (VR) technologies at the Sri City Campus’s New Media Laboratory. 

VR experiences when designed and deployed the right way, can immensely improve learning outcome and enhance inquiry-based learning and Inspirit’s prior work in informal and formal educational environment has proven that. From august 2019, with active participation of all the students Krea and Inspirit together are working on providing multi-perspective VR experiences to all the first-year core and skill courses. I will also work on connecting with narratives from social justice to mathematics.

A space for students to encounter the unlimited possibilities of visualization and spatial design will also be provided by The Media Lab at Krea University. The students at the lab will also be introduced to the practices and concepts of composition, be it still photography for sculpting light or staging action for motion picture mages. Students can jam and play with music and effects to tell new stories through Sound-scaping, recording and mixing. Cutting-edge VR and AR hardware and software platforms to combine sounds and images are not all but they can also visualize almost anything that they can dream of.

Some of the exceptional minds and thought leaders from India and abroad at Krea University have the vision and plans to facilitate individuals with great potential to create a dynamic impact in a diverse world while they learn and grow simultaneously. 3-year residential B.A. (Hons.) and B.Sc. (Hons.) degrees across several disciplines will be offered with strong foundation skills in ethics, analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning and communication.



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