Short courses being offered to cleaners through an App: Completion of each course makes them earn rewards

Short and crisp courses being taken by hundreds of cleaners now so that they can engage in learning various life skills through the Smart Labour e-learning platform. Rewards of phone credits is being provided to them each time they complete a course.  

It immediately made waves in the blue-collar workforce as soon as the Smart Labour app was launched in Dubai and now over 50,000 registered workers exist on the board. Backed by the Expo 2020’s Expo Live programme and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation the platform has now reached Ras AI Khaimah and there it has grabbed in about 800 cleaners from the Emirate’s Waste Management Agency.

Teaching them life skills and generating content that can help them enhance the quality of their work and improve productivity are the main points on which the short courses on the app focusses.

The promotion of the Smart Labour platform has been a part of the Ras AI Khaimah Waste Management Agency’s projects for the Innovation Month, also to push cleaners to register for courses, the agency allocated a budget to provide them with free phone credits as rewards.

Two million workers approximately existing in the UAE are often unable to express themselves well and all this because of the education gap.

IT professional Abu Muadh came up with the UAE’s first mobile app for blue-collar workers wondering that such kind of situation may affect workers happiness, productivity and overall contribution to the economy.

The features offered to the users of the app are:

  1. short courses on basic English, Arabic, IT, life skills, health and safety, local culture.
  2. Most courses and tutorials are offered through videos.
  3. Profits being offered on completing each course.
  4. Redemption of points as credits/phone balance.
  5. Providing them with a platform where their ideas can be shared with their supervisors with the help of a voice note.





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