EdTech in 2019: Internet of Things

The education sector, especially K-12 public school systems aren’t usually the earliest adopters of new technology. The fact that they’re equipping our children for the future doesn’t always resonate in them moving the fastest to get there. Hence digital transformation trends in education typically move a bit slower than some other industries. However, they still happen at their own pace. 

Though IoT (Internet of Things) in education wasn’t a much talked about topic in 2018, it’s time to bring it into the discussion of digital transformation trends in education. A lot of educators have focused on things like energy efficiencies throughout schools and campuses in the past when talking about the IoT. Though these are great benefits, there exist far better ones. For example, the technology can allow a student’s teacher to share his or her test results with their other teachers and parents in real-time. This will alert them to potential issues they may wish to face in their own classroom or home. It can automatically track things like when homework has been completed, what time it’s being completed, and even collect data about the time it takes the student to finish the assignment. Teachers can gain a better understanding of whether their methods are working with that information. They can also know whether assignments are too cumbersome, or if students seem to be working too late into the night. This piece of valuable information could make future digital transformation trends in education even greater and help bring peace to homework time in student homes just as it brings greater insights to the classroom.

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