Promising EdTech Trends for 2019 – Part 2

People in the community of education industry have seen technological changes over the last decade. Change is the only constant and what’s interesting about technological changes is that it develops at an even more rapid pace -a vital reason contributing to the big advancements in the learning space. It has led to changes in the way how schools operate and how teachers and students interact. 

As we begin a new year, let’s dive in to give a glance at the promising technological trends which are expected to collectively change the way students learn and teachers teach this year.

Device Mesh to Witness Further Growth

An ongoing result of today’s technology, device mesh implies the growing ways in which one accesses an application and how information as well as how one communicates with one another across the internet on both personal and organizational level. Teachers are looking up for programs which allow device mesh as more students are now using multiple devices between home and school. This year, the key focus area will be towards learning how to use tools that work across platforms and with the help of cloud technology. Administrators will put security as a key component while focusing on careful management of data accessibility and will also focus on creating rules and procedures that assist to run class smoothly.

Personalized Learning will Continue to Spread

The fact that personalized learning includes both face to face teaching as well as technology-assisted instruction and collaboration to address each student’s learning style and interests for deeper learning is the best part of it. Teachers tailor their instruction based on the assessment of each student’s needs and preferences. Technological advancements will help in moving authentic personalized learning to the next level, re-energizing students by offering them opportunities to select what they learn and also how they wish to learn it.

Keep watching this space for more.

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