Examples of New Technology in Education – Part 7

It’s hard to know exactly which technology will catch on in the education sector and when, but the following list showcases some of the emerging new technologies, software, and platforms available. Many of these have entered the classroom and are changing the way students and teachers learn permanently.

Live Binders

Those handy three-ring binders are now digital. The binder allows educators to collect and organize resources for lesson plans using the same idea as pinning and bookmarking. It can also work for students who are amassing resources for a big project while you can also browse other binders and share your own.


Aiming at personalizing content for optimal learning, this new technology platform monitors the student’s activity and uses the information to give the student the best-personalized resources based on their level of performance.

It also helps in integration among different disciplines, creating a more comprehensive set of resources that interact with one another. Growing more intuitive as more students use the software, Knewton can follow a student through their entire education career.

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