Examples of New Technology in Education – Part 6

It’s hard to know exactly which technology will catch on in the education sector and when, but the following list showcases some of the emerging new technologies, software, and platforms available. Many of these have entered the classroom and are changing the way students and teachers learn permanently.

Glogster EDU

The days of labouring over a diorama made from a shoebox or wrestling with markers on a poster board are gone. Students can now use Glogster to creatively display their research when it is report time. It allows students to collage pictures, video, text, and custom graphics to create a visually appealing presentation for their latest project. The Glogs are easy to make and share too.

Donors Choose

Funding websites are popping up all over the Internet. People decide to strike out on their own and build a project from the ground up when they get frustrated with the bureaucracy of grant writing. You can pitch your idea for your classroom with Donors Choose.

Teachers create projects they hope to accomplish with their students. Individuals can fund or back any project they choose, much like Kickstarter. Then they share it across social media and it gets the attention and money it needs if a teacher has created the project pitch well.

Keep watching this space to know more about emerging new technologies in action in the classroom.

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