Examples of New Technology in Education – Part 2

It’s hard to know exactly which technology will catch on in the education sector and when, but the following list showcases some of the emerging new technologies, software, and platforms available. Many of these have entered the classroom and are changing the way students and teachers learn permanently.

Study Blue

Study Blue has created an app that allows students to store notes and flashcards, organize their coursework, and share their materials with other students.

Its main attraction is that it is mobile. A student can easily access their class work and prepare for an exam, whether standing in line for coffee, waiting at the dentist, or riding the train. Capitalizing on a different set of notes and study guides, the social aspect also helps students find other people studying similar subjects.

LEAP Motion

The ability to sign your name on a digital document using only your finger and the air is the technology behind LEAP Motion, a company intent on giving people a more natural way to interact with the computer.

LEAP has developed a piece of hardware that allows anyone to write, draw, zoom, play, and interact with their computer screen using a finger, fingers, or entire hand. The mouse follows your movements by moving your hand over the device.

It was difficult to make drawings look authentic in stylus and pad – even with the fine motor control. LEAP is set to do that.

Keep watching this space to know more about emerging new technologies in action in the classroom.

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