10 Critical Issues in Edtech

Technology is now a fundamental consideration in education – it can’t be separated from the policies and practices to improve education. With the growing use of technology in education, issues and concerns are also increasing. State leaders need reliable information about these issues and how they affect decisions about education. Let’s take a look at the 10 critical issues in edtech:

Data Systems

Educational institutions should link statewide data systems, from early childhood through college and workforce and also adopt common data definitions across state K-20 education data systems.

Data Privacy

Student data should be protected while enabling its use to inform education policy and practice.

Predictive Analytics

For better student outcomes, data should be incorporated in decision-making and predictive modelling.


Expand affordable, reliable bandwidth so educators and students can benefit from current and emerging technologies.

Emerging Technologies

The relevance of emerging technologies should be incorporated into strategic decision-making. Professional development for educators should be fostered to maximize their benefits to students.

New Learning Models

Use technology to create personalized, competency-based learning environments. They should also allow students to demonstrate mastery of content at their own pace.

Digital Literacy

Educational institutions should be sure that students have the skills they need for success in a digital world.

Technology Security

While keeping the information and systems available for learning and the business of education, provide adequate resources to protect them from unauthorized access, use, disruption or destruction.

Digital Accessibility

To make e-learning more accessible to students with disabilities, promote awareness, training and best practices.


Educational institutions should maintain a regular state-level review of technology-related legislation and policies on education standards, access and infrastructure.

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