How to Raise your College’s Data Game – Part 3

Colleges and educational institutions have started making smart use of technology in higher education as a moving target. College administrators tasked with digital transformation face several challenges, from encouraging faculty to embrace the learning management system to putting student records in the blockchain. Additionally, the rising tuition costs, the joint imperatives of boosting ROI and improving student outcomes, and flagging state funding and the changing makeup of the student body have colleges turning to digital solutions for help.

What cuts to the heart of all of those innovations is one central innovation, which is a focus on a commitment to analytics and data-driven decision-making, having data and using it are often two distinct worlds.

Faculty is on board — or getting there

Resistance to digital transformation runs a wide spectrum. Stakeholders such as faculty members want to be assured they will have the tools and other means to succeed personally and professionally using the new technology and that the institution will be better for it too, a demand which is perfectly rational and reasonable. More faculties engaged to solve problems they feel today leas to quick beginning of building the momentum for solving problems they might not have a solution for yet. We’re probably starting from a losing side of transformation if faculty feel like something is being foisted on them.

A competency-based education, which is a still-new approach to using knowledge and skills attained rather than time passed as a measure for guiding students through curriculum is a good step towards this. There will be a broad stream of institutions that will experiment, try and learn and then will be able to present to the skeptics as evidence.

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