How to Raise your College’s Data Game – Part 1

Colleges and educational institutions have started making smart use of technology in higher education as a moving target. College administrators tasked with digital transformation face several challenges, from encouraging faculty to embrace the learning management system to putting student records in the blockchain.

Additionally, the rising tuition costs, the joint imperatives of boosting ROI and improving student outcomes, and flagging state funding and the changing makeup of the student body have colleges turning to digital solutions for help.

What cuts to the heart of all of those innovations is one central innovation, which is a focus on a commitment to analytics and data-driven decision-making, having data and using it are often two distinct worlds.

Data governance is cohesive

Colleges will need more and better data on student outcomes as the use of performance-based funding increases and it starts with keeping better track of the data collected. Yet units within a university can be reluctant to share hence the institutes have to change the nature of the dialogue to the one where ground rule No. 1 is that it’s the institution’s data. It’s not something you lock up in a closet and treat it like it’s yours.

Experts recommend thinking about data like a pyramid, with the entire institution responsible for keeping the base layer accurate, usable and consistent. If that’s not a focus, everything beyond that will be incrementally more difficult. An institution becomes data-enabled when leaders can depend on the information collected to make accurate and useful decisions.

Keep watching this space to know more about how educational institutions can raise their college’s data game.

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