5 Mistakes Professors Make With Technology – Part 3

A professor as high as at the higher education level can also face hurdles in implementing technology in the classroom. The tiresome learning process can lead to a lot of frustration and misuse of the devices, particularly when they aren’t well trained. The resulting mistakes with the new technology can significantly impact students. Here are five of the mistakes that professors most often make when it comes to the use of new technology.

Using technology because they can

Just because there is a lot of technology at your disposal and you can use it doesn’t mean that you should. Each and every technology used in the classroom setting should serve a real purpose. Before deciding whether a technology is a right fit for your classroom, you should consider what needs each item can meet. You can make things less overwhelming for students and more effective for the classroom by choosing your technology wisely.

Technology can create wonders in education, provided the teachers learn to first use it extensively and then educate the students about it. Educational organizations should first assess the teachers on their knowledge about the technology being deployed, before they pass it on to the students.

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