5 Mistakes Professors Make With Technology – Part 2

A professor as high as at the higher education level can also face hurdles in implementing technology in the classroom. The tiresome learning process can lead to a lot of frustration and misuse of the devices, particularly when they aren’t well trained. The resulting mistakes with the new technology can significantly impact students. Here are five of the mistakes that professors most often make when it comes to the use of new technology.

Reading lessons to students from technology

We have often attended a presentation where the lecturer simply read from each one of their slides. You should be finding ways to use technology creatively; it isn’t just a new way for you to broadcast your lecture notes from the front of the room. Simulate a science experiment, show videos, and play trivia games. These options are far more interactive options than forcing students to sit through a dry class where a professor reads to them.

Sending out paper notices

It is no secret that students check their text messages and emails very frequently as they come into class. Many teachers are still using paper notices to send out information to students despite knowing this. You can opt for a more environmentally-friendly way of reaching your students and stop wasting so much paper. Send out memos and notices via email where students constantly have access to them instead.

Keep watching this space to know more about what the professors might be missing out when it comes to using technology in the classroom.

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