Google Sheets Tips Every Teacher Should Know About – Part 1

When it comes to education, Google provides a lot of useful programs for teachers. However, not everyone understands just how to use them. For Google Sheets specifically, there are a lot of hidden features available for teachers. To help you create better documents in less time, understanding how to use these features and apply them in the classroom is essential. Here are the most basic Google Sheets tips that every teacher should know about.

Add a Line Break

You can insert a line break to help organize your text better while editing a cell. Make sure that your cursor is in the cell, ready to type and press Ctrl+Enter to move to the next line without changing cells.

Merge Cells

Cells can be merged both vertically and horizontally. Highlight all of the cells you plan to combine and click merge on the toolbar. For additional options, there is a drop-down menu.

Freeze or Unfreeze Columns and Rows

You need to freeze the certain row or column in place if you want to see it while you scroll. Highlight the row or column that you would like to freeze and then click “view” and then “freeze or unfreeze.” You might also get an option to select how many rows or columns you want to freeze in place.

Add a Chart

Charts or graphs can be customized to add to the document with the data you added on the spreadsheet. Highlight all of the data you want to be included in your chart and then look for “chart” option under the “insert” tab. The recommendations tab can help the teachers choose the type of chart they want. Before clicking insert, you can edit the display and the chart itself under the customization chart.

Keep watching this space to know more such basic Google Sheets tips that a teacher should know about.

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