Gamification Strategies for Corporate Training – Part 3

The terms ‘corporate training’ and ‘fun’ are probably not taken in the same lines. However, gamification has the power to make even the most mundane learning experience engaging. Gamifying corporate training can motivate employees with recognition and rewards, stimulate collaboration, make important information more memorable and provide a way to measure progress toward learning objectives.

Follow these seven strategies to gamify your corporate training effectively:

6.) Gamify skills training

To gamify skills training, you can take a similar approach as gamifying induction and onboarding like learners facing virtual challenges, receiving learning support, and gaining badges or points at each level. Since creating these custom built games is pricey, you can apply game mechanics to non-game activities to save money. For instance, your learners can earn points for completing certain tasks or mastering specific skills. To track progress, you can have an in-office leaderboard and add a competitive aspect.

7.) Gamify instructor-led training (ILT)

Gamified assessments are the easiest way to gamify ILT. For instance, Kahoot! allows you to create your own quiz based on the key information that you want your learners to know. Questions are displayed for a set amount of time and participants can answer on their own devices. Both accuracy and speed are parameters for gaining points and a leaderboard is displayed after each question.

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