Gamification Strategies for Corporate Training – Part 2

The terms ‘corporate training’ and ‘fun’ are probably not taken in the same lines. However, gamification has the power to make even the most mundane learning experience engaging. Gamifying corporate training can motivate employees with recognition and rewards, stimulate collaboration, make important information more memorable and provide a way to measure progress toward learning objectives.

Follow these seven strategies to gamify your corporate training effectively:

3.) Make gamification social

Make sure to take advantage of the greatest benefits of gamification – collaboration. By forming teams, competing, displaying and discussing the leaderboard etc. make the experience as social as possible for your learners. Some companies even integrate existing social media, like Facebook, into the game. To help your employees collaborate, harness the power of gamification and see them enjoy a sense of camaraderie.

4.) Make gamification challenging

You gamification should be challenging enough to push your learners to the next level as easy training will be ineffective and dull. Apart from being effective, a challenging game is also more engaging.

5.) Gamify induction and onboarding

For the notoriously boring programs that induction and onboarding are, they should be the definite one to be gamified. For induction and onboarding training, many companies now have new employees create a virtual identity and complete missions. You may even incorporate a dashboard with progress, achievements, a leaderboard, and so on.

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