Guide To Modern IT Approach In K-12 Schools – Part 4

A majority of school district IT departments are short on time and resources, and this makes it hard to implement technology effectively. School district IT departments will have to learn how to do more with less if they are going to support the demand for new technologies successfully. By becoming more proactive in their approach, IT staff can work more intelligently and use their existing resources more effectively. Here are the ways that school district IT departments, despite having limited resources, can adopt a more mature and modern approach that will allow them to be more successful.

Add a self-service portal.

You can leverage the sizeable knowledge base you have built to help students and staff resolve their own IT issues. This will serve as a key opportunity to reduce your service workload.

Many IT departments end up answering the same questions over and over again. This is a very time-consuming process and a waste of staff labour as well. Inbound service requests can be reduced by up to 70 percent by having users consult a self-service portal before contacting IT with their questions. Self-service resolution is also less expensive than having IT staff fix technical issues. As per an HDI analysis, the average labour cost of a service call is $22, while self-service costs just $2 per incident.

A scarcity of resources doesn’t have to stand in the way of integrating and supporting new learning technologies when school systems take a more proactive approach to IT management. IT departments can spend less time on the tasks they’re doing now by optimizing their use of resources, which frees them up to take on new challenges.

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