The Role of Social Media in Education

Social media is not just limited to posting pictures about of holidays online. It has gained credibility over the years as a source of information and a platform for organizations to interact with audiences. Educational institutions are also increasingly adapting it into their system. Incorporating social media in education provides students with the ability to get more useful information, to connect with learning groups and other educational systems that make education convenient.


Connecting with experts

Social media helps you to recognize the experts in a particular subject or field. You learn more and gain useful content from them once you start following them, which empower you to produce great results. Social media gives illuminating, instant content that is new thus broadening your perspective on various subjects.

Communication between institutions and students

Social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube enable learning colleges to connect with the students. Educational institutions are using these social media channels to communicate campus news, make announcements and provide students with useful information. Initiating hashtags on social media to engage students and online discussions are also the latest fad.


Social media also helps students to compile and produce useful content for research. How you may ask? By offering audience and subject monitoring tools that are useful. The tools help you to find out how the majority people feel about a particular topic or how experts perceive and advice on specific issues.

Enhanced Learning Management System

Social media learning in Learning Management System (LMS) can include instant chat functions, video, forums to share info and other lesson resources to help students. Built to drive instant interaction between the users and the system, most LMS’s come with built-in social media integration. To have the best reach and effect through the system, it is beneficial for institutions to use popular Learning management systems with social media integration.

Social Credibility for Learners

Students can build a portfolio for their career by building a brand through social networks. Reflecting on educational background and gaining exposure on social media helps the students to build social credibility and come across as people who can offer their expertise in specified fields.

Social media will become the number one means of solving education problems as social networks interactions advance in education systems. The important benefit that networks build is the many helpful and beneficial tools and access that make learning become a pleasant process.

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