Seminar cum Webinar organized by Chanakya IAS Academy for CS aspirants

Adjoining the offline success, Chanakya IAS Academy successfully live streamed a seminar online. The purpose was to serve more than 1 lac followers on facebook. The motivating webinar successfully engaged more than 25000 views and rejoiced 1000’s of like and share.


The idea behind the ‘online seminar’ was to motivate the students while keeping them aware of the changes, and further helping them by removing their dilemmas that might hinder their path to success. As in a recently held seminar at Shah Auditorium, 1000’s of aspirants had to wait, Success Guru, wanted to motivate all.

The goal of the gathering was to spread clear understanding and knowledge about Civil Services Examination to the students who aspire to be a part of Civil Services.

He also shared the information about the latest changes in the UPSC, right books and methodology, level of syllabus, time required, marking scheme, medium of answering and put to rest several doubts with the candidates.

With his vast experience and sharp insight, he dispelled the most commonly believed myths related to civil services. With facts and figures he proved that there is in fact no need to be intimidated by the large number of candidates appearing for the examination. He emphasized upon the need to think like an officer while preparing for the examination.

Mr. Mishra motivated the aspirants, saying “Civil Services Exams should not be concerned with the preparations of the subjects rather aspirants should be focusing on being a better Administrator. For students to achieve success, the essence should be hard work, self confidence, goal setting, time management and energy management among many other things. Proper guidance and motivation could lead to extraordinary results, which is the reason behind inventing Art Of Success program. This allows aspirants to overcome skepticism and achieve success.”

Success Guru emphasised on the development of leading abilities, ethics, social responsibilities and capable minds. During the program, he guided the participants and instilled indomitable enthusiasm into them by narrating many inspirational stories, showing movie clips and by explaining motivational incidents. The session also encouraged the participants to share their fears or doubts and cleared various myths about Civil Services examination.

He concluded the webinar by extending his wishes to all the students for their future endeavors. The seminar was an enlightening experience which left the audience wanting for more.

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