New Pact for girls’ education being introduced by Prince Charles Charity

A new partnership with British Telecom (BT) has been announced by a charity founded by Britain’s Prince Charles on Wednesday to launch a three-year programme to use digital technology in order to improve life skills and education for adolescent girls in India.  

British Asian Trust which was founded so that poverty in South Asia can be fought, said that the pact with one of the leading telecom companies of UK will explore the various ways in which technology can be utilised to abolish social barriers and help enhance health choices and autonomy, employability, for the young girls in India.

The programme will be running in an around the cities from where BT India operates namely Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram, Kolkata with the sole aim of improving the education opportunities, health and skills off approximately 500,000 young people.

The new partnership while working with innovators and sector leaders aims to create a movement for change that can open the doors of opportunities available to girls aged between 10 and 19.

IT for Change will function in schools for through classroom-based training and workshops in rights-based perspectives on digital literacy, gender equality, sexual and reproductive health. Steps taken will be creating digital labs in schools to train girls as well as teachers, video clubs which can help girls to being able to create digital learning materials usable for peer learning among lot of other girls in Bengaluru.

The tradition of going to school will design modern content for young children and this content will connect skills training with gender norms and employability including movies, games, case studies and lessons which will be delivered not only through case studies in school but also through a mobile app which will reach again hundred and thousands of girls.

Splash will provide public girls’ schools in Kolkata with facilities related to sanitation and waste bins for maintaining menstrual hygiene. In order to manage the large-scale change process and to keep a track on behaviour change at an individual level technology will be used.

BT and the British Asian Trust, as part of their collaboration, are also partnering over an innovative funding initiative named as Development Impact Bond (DIB). The DIB focusses on improving literacy and numeracy skills for around 300,000 children, the outcomes in the development sector and bring a change in the way education is financed in India. This DIB also brings forward a coalition of private and public sector partners, and the money invested in year one will be again invested into three education non-government organisations (NGOs).

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