Technology might outdate the traditional music education

According to an in-depth report, if it does not keep up with technology, Music teaching could be left behind in an outdated acoustic age.  

According to the inquiry from the Music commission, the reality of how the youth engages and involves with music cannot be reflected by too much of Music Education.

There is a risk of current teaching methods being outdated. However, the report argues that technology could help music from not disappearing from schools.

From listening to your favourite musician to recording your songs and posting it through smart phones, the platforms that technology offers for learning, making and involving with music are significant.

Low priced tech

According to the report the “danger” that is seen between how young people use technology and music education may witness current models of music teaching rapidly becoming outdated.

What else is highlighted in the report is how technology has enabled youth to access virtual teachers, improvise together, and challenge one another in digital platforms.

It also says that new technologies have given us the access to low cost means to create and share music and that it should be the central point of music education.

It also mentions that the immediacy and the accessibility of such technology refers to a more fluid approach that young people can have with the traditional barriers between different genres of music being broke down.

Stresses and Pressures

The report also instructs that the focus of music education must ensure that every child is motivated and supported to take music further.

According to a report by the Musicians’ Union last year, it suggested that poorer children are being priced out of gaining the practical knowledge of musical instruments.

It rather found that children in low income households were rarely to take music lessons.

Commission chairman, Sir Nicholas Kenyon, who is managing director of the Barbican, acknowledged there was a host of pressures on schools to meet academic targets.


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