Personalized Learning and AI Based Personalized Analysis in Edtech

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live and collaborate. Although education is lagging in terms of technology adoption, it is a tool that can change the world in a positive way by eliminating current barriers of providing quality education to all across the world.

The traditional methods of classroom-based learning are becoming obsolete and the demand for personalized education delivery or learning process is increasing. Consider services like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. that provide online or on-demand streaming services. Providing us personalized and on-demand television experience, it is removing location, device and timing constraints. Television shows, sports events are being streamed in a personalized manner. Similarly, education needs to be personalized.

Classroom-based traditional lecture process may not help each individual, everyone has some strength and weakness and different pace of understanding a particular topic. A student’s liking of the subject is also a factor. Personalized learning using technology is one of the trends that would dominate in the coming year. This method enables students to absorb the topic and increases understanding and helps them to learn and understand topics as per individual speed. It is also classroom independent and can be done from any location.

Additionally, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help to provide a detailed analysis of student performance in the examinations. Human (teacher) feedback comes with its own limitations in terms of ability to comprehend student performance while taking into considerations historical performance. Personalized learning and analysis of the learning is possible using AI driven assessments of the students.


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