EduTech in India will See Tech-Enabled Advances in 2019 – Part 1

Education in India is ready to witness tech-driven innovations in 2019 in the way kids learn and are educated. How children will learn in school or at home will largely depend on educational platforms catered for their engagement. Here are some important EduTech trends of 2019.  

Online and Offline Bundled Model Will Continue

When it comes to EduTech, access to technology and the skewed student-teacher ratio are the two major issues that India faces. From levels K-12 (kindergarten to Grade 12), India has around 1.5 million schools with a student base of 253 million. Azim Premji Foundation did an independent study of 1,887 schools in Karnataka and the results showed that classrooms with a Pupil-to-Teacher (PTR) ratio between 15 and 20 showed the best learning levels, while performance dropped sharply as PTR increased.

PTR at the national level for elementary schools is 24:1 while in secondary schools, it’s 27:1. Apart from it, inaccessibility to equal internet connectivity is one of the major issues students face. The online and offline bundled model will keep breathing life into the EduTech market due to these challenges.

Gamification of Education

Learning hampers the quality of student’s attention and education when it becomes a taxing procedure. Gamification of education is going to grow massively as learning is never a one-size-fits-all solution.

One of the major crux points of any classroom is engagement with students and games are one of the biggest engagement contributors. Children these days have been playing games on a range of devices for nearly their entire lives and hence are among the most tech-savvy people. Gamification comes with personalized messaging, where the students can be engaged on a personal level. Additionally, this method makes learning continuous, where students fail, overcome, and persevere. It’s methodology of instant feedback and rewards are external motivators that do the job. Coupled with high interactiveness and effectiveness, it is predicted to be one of the biggest trends in the Edutech world in 2019!

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