Digital and Comprehensive Online Assessments in Edtech

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live and collaborate. Although education is lagging in terms of technology adoption, it is a tool that can change the world in a positive way by eliminating current barriers of providing quality education to all across the world.  

One of the key areas of academic curriculum is the evaluation of students and the type of evaluation done is critical for the success of education. Analysis of theoretical knowledge of the student is what the evaluation of the students has largely been focused on. Theoretical answers written by students in the exams are evaluated by one of the evaluators. This method has a lot of limitations – it is human dependent, biased and not standardized for all students, prone to error, and does not take into consideration practical aspects of the knowledge. There would be more focus on the evaluation of a student for practical knowledge of a particular topic in the coming years and the proportion of theory exams would be reduced.

The era of internet is resulting in the dynamic nature of knowledge and quick changes. Things taught in the education institutions are at the risk of becoming obsolete or outdated in quick time. The focus of an educator or institution should be on teaching practical things which are also industry oriented and it should help students to become employable. Knowledge management and collaboration tools and features can help institutes to improve practical knowledge of the students and many institutions are likely to adopt it in the coming years.

Online examination systems can lead to AI driven assessments and personalized assessment of the students. Such systems can provide useful insight into the student performance, group analysis and individual analysis for each topic / sub topic. Bias associated with manual evaluation can be eliminated if the assessment of the student is done using online tools and techniques. Assessment tools focus usually on evaluating the practicality of the subject and not the theoretical knowledge of the student. Eklavvya.in is an example of an online examination system which provides subjective exam assessment as well. Students can write their answers using online editor provided and there is a timer for each question or exam. During an active online exam, students are not allowed to switch to other applications. An auto-authentical facility using photo capture facility is also available and video streaming can also be used to monitor online examination. Objective exams give quick results and eliminate the barrier of manual evaluation of the student performance.

In the coming year assessment of the knowledge would be based on practical implementation, ability of innovation, problem-solving using knowledge, and conceptual application of the knowledge. Through unbiased and error-free analysis of individual performance, it would be able to provide personalized feedback for the individual which would be able to set the right path for the student progress in terms of knowledge acquisition.

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