Gamification Strategies for Corporate Training – Part 1

The terms ‘corporate training’ and ‘fun’ are probably not taken in the same lines. However, gamification has the power to make even the most mundane learning experience engaging. Gamifying corporate training can motivate employees with recognition and rewards, stimulate collaboration, make important information more memorable and provide a way to measure progress toward learning objectives.

Follow these seven strategies to gamify your corporate training effectively:

  • Establish specific learning outcomes

Though gamification is fun, it shouldn’t be restricted to just that. You also need to consider exactly what you’re trying to achieve by asking yourself questions like:

  • What do I want my employees to learn?
  • How will gamification enhance their learning?
  • How will I know that my employees have achieved mastery?

To ensure that your participants are learning as well as having fun, it is important to know your goals and how you’ll measure them.

  • Design reward systems related to the real world

Post the learners master the desired content, the knowledge needs to be translated into job performance. Implementing in-game reward systems that are tangible, recognizable, and relatable is one way to aid this translation. For example, your training might involve participants selling a certain amount of products/services in order to win points or even better, the points your participants earn in the game might represent the amount of commission they would receive for these sales in real life. This not only cements the idea that the knowledge your participants are learning translates to real revenue for the company but also puts money in their pockets.

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