Why Coding Should Is Compulsory for Students

Educational system’s primary role is to teach children how to become responsible, productive citizens of society. To equip kids with the skills and knowledge needed for adulthood, schools offer a variety of subjects starting from kindergarten, designed as the ‘building blocks’ of knowledge.

While kids are taught about computer hardware knowledge, what about coding?Understand the new technologies and how they operate and how to customize them for better functionality would improve kids’ experience with today’s digital devices.

Introductory programming classes in schools can help children understand the basics of programming structure, logic, and design. Not all children will eventually become software engineers but learning programming may help sharpen their practical and logical thinking skills. Additionally, it has also helped some people to get more out of their computers, tablets, smartphones, and other popular digital devices.

Coding also helps students to learn how to create their own solutions. Though it can get a little difficult for children to learn to code, there are a number of applications and games designed specifically for that, making coding same as learning new language skill. Coding knowledge can also help students realize how applications are designed and how the software triggers the device capabilities. That’s why coding should be a compulsory subject for students in the future.

Experts also resonate the importance of introducing coding into the school systems. Considered to be one of the world’s leading digital experts, Douglas Rushkoff from Codecademy says that schools have to incorporate code programming into their curriculum. We will create more future software and hardware engineers by teaching students to codeand meet the high demand for skilled tech workers.

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