Guide To Modern IT Approach In K-12 Schools – Part 2

A majority of school district IT departments are short on time and resources, and this makes it hard to implement technology effectively. School district IT departments will have to learn how to do more with less if they are going to support the demand for new technologies successfully. By becoming more proactive in their approach, IT staff can work more intelligently and use their existing resources more effectively. Here are the ways that school district IT departments, despite having limited resources, can adopt a more mature and modern approach that will allow them to be more successful.

Manage change more effectively.

According to the IT Process Institute, about 80 percent of unplanned downtime is inadvertently caused by IT staff themselves. For example, a technician trying to update a switch might accidentally bring the entire network down. The damage control consumes valuable IT resources, and it might have been avoided through better change management.

IT leaders have to think through the potential impact of making a change to bring best practices in change management, and then plan an effective pathway that will cause the least amount of disruption. The likelihood of unforeseen consequences that eat up limited staff time can be reduced by following these practices.

Keep watching this space for more such key points to a modern IT approach in K-12 schools.

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