Guide To Modern IT Approach In K-12 Schools – Part 1

The majority of school district IT departments are short on time and resources, and this makes it hard to implement technology effectively. School district IT departments will have to learn how to do more with less if they are going to support the demand for new technologies successfully. By becoming more proactive in their approach, IT staff can work more intelligently and use their existing resources more effectively. Here are the ways that school district IT departments, despite having limited resources, can adopt a more mature and modern approach that will allow them to be more successful.

Resolve problems, not just incidents.

IT staff are spending most of their time reacting to technical issues that arise, rather than focusing on preventing new issues from occurring in many K-12 districts today. Taking the time to analyze the root cause of an incident and trying to fix it can reverse this situation and pay big dividends over time. IT leaders should look for key trends and patterns that reveal underlying problems by carefully analyzing the nature of their service requests. For instance, maybe it’s time to replace your entire fleet of projectors with new, more reliable units if you are receiving a large number of service requests to fix a broken projector.

When you feel like you’re buried in immediate service requests, it can be challenging to adopt a long-term, big-picture view. But there is training available to help IT leaders in making this shift. For instance, ITIL certification and the Help Desk Institute (HDI) has some tremendous resources to assist with problem management as well.

Keep watching this space for more such key points to a modern IT approach in K-12 schools.

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