Internet Safety Tips for School Kids

In the day and age of social media, when teens spend one-third of their days online and younger kids not far behind, it is the need of the hour that parents and teachers ensure the safety of school-aged kids on the Internet. The internet is a big place populated by hackers, bullies, and those who would take advantage of children and teens. We can monitor the kids and keep them safe by following the Internet safety tips below!


Never give out personal information online, including passwords, last name, address, telephone number, where you go to school, etc. Sharing passwords is a strict no-no, not even your best friends.

Don’t post photos or videos without parental permission. Understand that they are only trying to keep you safe if your parents say that a picture or video is inappropriate.

Remember that people aren’t always who they say they are, and not everything you read online is true. Don’t talk to strangers online, and never meet an Internet friend without permission from your parents. A good rule of thumb: If you haven’t met them in person, don’t add them on social media.

Don’t open attachments from people you don’t know and download software under parental guidance because attachments and software can contain viruses.

Talk to your parents or teachers if something makes you uncomfortable online. Don’t respond to bullying or mean messages and don’t bully others too.

Use privacy settings on social media so that not everyone can see every picture, video, or status update that you post online. People with bad intentions can use this information to harm you.

Keeping school-aged kids safe online is difficult but not impossible. By teaching them appropriate rules and boundaries, keeping the lines of communication open, and modelling the online behaviours that you expect from your children and students, you can make social media a safer place for them.

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