Multimedia and Storytelling in Education

The educational technology, popularly called edtech has influenced the mode of teaching and learning. The early idea of education technology which was restricted to computers labs in school and college premises is now being replaced by classrooms getting converted to an advanced digital with versatile learning tools, changing the way of demonstration. The advancement has changed the way we assess programs, assign projects and even the teaching method for a small concept.


Multimedia, technology, researches, and assignment make it possible to produce an object that will communicate easily. This not only allows the student to have a deep learning on a topic that is not written in any of their textbooks but also enables them to see the visual concept, understand the functioning and motive behind it.

With the help of project-based learning, multimedia has opened gates for students to learn. Apart from helping in clearing a concept, it also teaches teamwork concept and motives students to create something different and evolve their knowledge in a different way. This concept, far from the one used in the classroom, has managed to become an integral part of the education system.

For arriving at a final decision, verbal or written logics are not enough. It is even used for a decision on a social and personal life such as vacation location, political votes etc. It is more of a trigger process that reacts according to the input, keeping your senses engage with each other and helping you to come up with a response.

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