Education Technology Concepts Every Teacher Should Know About – Part 2

Teachers play an important part in enhancing the education technology. But apart from the usual hot topics that are currently being discussed in edtech sector, there are some more concepts worth discussing.


Sensory enhancers – Children may need to learn differently than their peers, depending on developmental patterns. A child with language delays may benefit from bright pictures or colours to learn new concepts instead of ABCs and numbers. Sensory enhancers may include voice analyzers, augmentative communication tools, or speech synthesizers. These basic tools of assistive technology are seeing great strides, thanks to the rapid growth of technology in the classroom.

Screen readers – Screen readers are slightly different from text-to-speech, in a way that it simply informs students of what is on a screen. A student who is blind or visually impaired can benefit from the audio interface screen readers provide and students who otherwise struggle to glean information from a computer screen can learn more easily through technology meant to inform them.

Outdoor/environmental learning – More schools are looking for ways to get students and teachers outside. Environmental education fits the bill for many students as we are in an era of experiential learning. Lessons in this field teach children an appreciation of the earth and of its resources that the human population is quickly depleting. A better, hands-on understanding of nature also helps with science comprehension and gives students practical learning experiences.

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