Education Technology Concepts Every Teacher Should Know About – Part 1

Teachers play an important part in enhancing the education technology. But apart from the usual hot topics that are currently being discussed in edtech sector, there are some more concepts worth discussing.


Alternative input devices – These devices like touch screens, modified keyboards, and joysticks are designed to allow students with disabilities to use computers and related technology easily. Sip-and-puff systems developed by companies like Microsoft are an upcoming technology in this area which performs computer functions through the simple process of inhaling and exhaling. Another area of input technology is on-screen keyboards that provide K-12 learners with disabilities better use of computers and mobile devices for learning.

Speech-to-text-options – Making mainstream waves through its use in popular cell phones like the Android-platform Razr M, this technology is not just a convenience tool for people without disabilities but also provides a learning advantage for students who have mobility or dexterity problems or those who are blind. It allows students to speak their thoughts without typing and even navigate the internet and can also “talk back” to students and let them know about potential errors in their work.

LAMP – Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) principles connect neurological and motor learning making communication easier for students with autism and related disorders. They have proven especially helpful for students who do not speak or have very limited verbal skills. Paired with technology, LAMP principles empower a growing student population with autism to effectively communicate and reach higher academic achievements.

Keep watching this space for more such out-of-the-box edtech concepts.

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