The EdTech Journals You Should be Reading

It is important to stay up to date on the latest news and trends if you are involved in education technology in any way. Educational technology is growing at immense speed and the best place to track and gain insights into these changes is to find out quality information from trustworthy sources from EdTech research journals. These journals publish articles by EdTech entrepreneurs and educators providing the information you need.

British Journal of Educational Technology


This journal, while published by British Educational Research Association, provides worldwide coverage of developments in educational technology for all levels of education.

Computers and Education

A journal aimed at showing how digital technology enhances education. The journal’s well-researched articles are aimed at the education community.

Educational Technology and Society

Published by the International Forum of Educational Technology and Society since 1998, this is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal.

Educational Technology Research and Development

This journal published by the Association for Educational Communications & Technology bi-monthly focuses specifically on research and development in the field of educational technology.

International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Ed

This journal, aimed at the higher education community, features articles about how to technology in higher education, as well as technology for training and management.

ISTE: Journal of Digital Learning Teacher Education

Published quarterly in partnership with the ISTE Professional Learning Network for Teacher Educators, this journal provides articles about the use of digital technology in teacher education. This journal is only available to ISTE members.

ISTE: Journal of Research on Technology in Education

Produced by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), this journal publishes research articles, project evaluations, and more. This journal is only available to ISTE members.

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

With the aim of making experiences accessible, this journal covers all uses of information and communication technology used for education. It provides information for researchers and those seeking knowledge about advanced technology and distance learning.

Research in Learning Technology

This journal is published by the Association for Learning Technology. It aims to promote research in the field of learning technology covering everything from online learning to social media.

Tech Trends

Published since 1985 by Association for Educational Communications & Technology, Tech Trends covers a wide range of tech topics for educators and technology professionals with articles about how to manage technology and how to apply education technology in other fields.

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