How to Get Started with Blockchain in Education

Blockchain is becoming as important to transforming education as the internet was. The colleges and universities that jump on the secure public ledger concept early enough and begin testing it out will be the ones who could see the biggest benefits.

How to get started with Blockchain


Learn about it: With blockchain, pay attention to how it’s impacting industry and how it can apply to education. Educate your leaders, make sure the knowledge goes beyond the IT crew. When the business people start to get it, not just the technology experts, that’s when you start to see the real transformation take place.

Test it: Take a low-stakes process that requires some form of verification and try blockchain to have a picture of it. We’ll never invest everything in blockchain, but we will see processes, validation and security improved through it.

Collaborate: Work with other institutions to help each other “on this emerging stuff.” When people bring up what they’re thinking of trying, listen closely in case there’s something that applies to your own college or university too, where you can co-participate. It is extremely complex to do all the things that all the departments want. They want more of their alumni, they want more of their prospects, more retention, more persistence, more better grades. And they’re looking for a system to keep improving that.

If educational organizations take the right step, they can revolutionalize themselves with the use of blockchain technology. Though the past record of education sector embracing technology has been slow, things are changing now. In the coming years, a technical revolution will seep in the system, and blockchain will very much be a part of it.

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