Why to Hire an AV Consultant – Part 2

Technology managers in higher education are asked to do various things like technology management, project management, system design, installation, support, event support, budgeting, procurement, networking and training. They are expected to have the breadth of knowledge of what some organizations might consider multiple job lines — yet frequently encounter users, staff and faculty who regard us as the people who bring in the overhead projectors. Here are three ways a consultant can be a big help as you deploy and manage the technology while keeping the projects flowing and the users happy.

2) Helping with System Checks and QA


Summer is a quiet time for many people on the campus, but in AV services, summer means the added workload of installing new tech while the college is still actively filling the dorm rooms and classrooms with students and off-campus groups as alternative sources of revenue. The phones ring constantly, and the projects need to be completed. While commissioning the system, hiring a consultant to perform the final checks in the install can help immensely. Additionally, a consultant can also assist with quality assurance checks on installations as they occur. With enough contingency time to plan, you can create a standard system verification checklist with your consultant, and possibly even have a well-trained AV tech student go through the checklist.

Often on campus, we have two to three installations occurring at a time. If you are on the same page with your consultant, he or she can become an extension of your install expectations and enable you to stay on track with multiple large installations at once.

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