Creation of In-Residence Education Innovators

Every educational organization that aims to stay in the game in the long run has understood the need for innovation. Because if it doesn’t innovate its functioning, why will the learners put their belief and money into it? To do so, it’s crucial to create in-residence innovators first before seeking them outside.


A program called “innovator-in-residence” is under creation at the Penn State. It will bring people from other fields to campus, for instance, a data expert from the Washington Post is slated to give a guest lecture at the College of Communications.

The Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) group also brings in “faculty-in-residence” to work on their scholarship. As part of this effort, it worked with Professor Ann Clements to launch a new Center for Pedagogy in Art and Design. Clements was the inaugural winner of the Penn State Open Innovation Challenge in the year 2015, for the idea of building a machine-learning-based virtual reality program for pre-service teachers. Similarly, two faculty members from the University of Malaya (UM) took sabbaticals in the Office of Innovation: Meg Duffy from the College of Literature Science and Arts and Barry Fishman from the School of Information. Professor Fishman’s work, which won a 2016 Campus Technology Innovators Award is cited on GradeCraft as a great example of the work of Academic Innovation. Fishman and colleagues submitted a proposal to the Academic Innovation Fund The proposal consisted of the idea to create a learning management system that uses gaming elements such as competition, badges and unlocks to provide students with a personalized pathway through their courses.

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