The Power of Virtual Simulation in Education

As Virtual Reality spreads its wings in the field of education, it is also helping the learners and educators across the globe to come together and participate in the learning process in a collaborative manner. To understand the global complexity and create solutions, it is important to harness the power of virtual simulation.


Students now have the option to test out global theories, thanks to VR. All this while still immersing themselves in the target content. They can achieve this through use of virtual reality, games, and modelling applications that simulate real-world experiences through technology. And the concept is not just on the paper but has been actually put to use. An afterschool program in New York City called Glocal Kids has integrated game design into their Online Leadership Program for teens. A group of high school youth-created “Ayiti: The Cost of Life” working with Global Kids staff and a game design company, in which players learn about poverty by assuming virtual responsibility for a fictional family in Haiti, making decisions about when to send children to school vs. work, and how to spend scarce resources.

Ayiti and other similar ‘serious games‘ on global issues can be found through Games for Change. It is an organization that promotes digital games for social change. So you can look out for the one that suits the geographical needs of your institution better, making students learn the act of sympathy to the people around the world.

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