Emerging New Advancements in Education Technology

It is crucial for the educational organizations to keep up with new technology trends in today’s mobile- centric world. It can have a major impact on their continued ability to offer the students the education they want and need. Many schools are continuing to increase investments in technology related to learning in order to modernize their campuses for today’s digital-native students. Here’s looking at the recent advancements in the area of education technology.

Flipped Learning


A form of blended learning, Flipped Learning is where students learn their lessons at home by watching video lectures and studying content online. They then do their homework in the classroom. The students learn from each other through a process of small groups using critical problem solving instead of learning directly from the teacher.

Educational institutions can create the interactive environment that students benefit the most from by using Wi-Fi enabled classroom technology and various mobile-app solutions. The value for educators comes from generating powerful analytics to measure student responses while also having the ability to stay engaged with your students in and out of the classroom.

Remote Learning

Remote Learning allows students who can’t make it to school to attend the classes virtually through video and access content online. Other technologies like video conferencing, class forums, pre-recorded videos, social media, and email are also used in this model.

The educational organizations can also bring in teachers or subject matter experts in the same way they can bring in students remotely, providing a higher quality of learning that would otherwise be unavailable due to distance or time. Education becomes accessible to everyone once it becomes tailored to the needs of the student. The challenges of time and distance become inconsequential when all you need is a reliable wifi network paired with the right mobile technologies.

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