Benefits of Open-Source LMS – Part 2

An open-source software is the one for which the original code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. Allowing you to customize your LMS to meet your specific needs, open-source products give you the flexibility to utilize a best-of-breed content strategy to incorporate the best content and eLearning tools into your platform. Its other advantages include top security, ownership of data, cutting-edge technology, and high service standards.


Updated System

One can expect the most up-to-date system with an open-source product like Moodle. As more people are concerned with the integrity of the code and constantly monitor and improve it, open source often results in higher-quality. The developers at the headquarters of the open-source software along with the community of developers around the globe work constantly to make sure that it is incorporating cutting-edge technology and features. If there is ever a gap in functionality, any developer can work on the functionality that they would like to see and then contribute the update to the community which can be added into the core code or added in through a free plugin.


The biggest advantage for an open-source LMS is that you don’t pay for licensing fees – only for service, resulting in the highest level of service expectations from your open-source LMS provider. Whereas closed-source solutions are solely responsible for product development, so you pay for not only the LMS license and support but also the upkeep and evolution of the product.

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