Apps to Help You Learn Coding – Part 1

Coding is an essential skill during a student’s preparation for the jobs of the future. Many people even refer to it as “the new literacy”, which makes it more crucial for schools to integrate it into their curriculums. While many students love having the opportunity to create their own programs, others aren’t always so excited. This is where the teachers can make use of the learn-to-code apps to help encourage all students to give coding a try. They even make learning fun by incorporating elements of gamification in education to show students that computer programming and coding isn’t all boring. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones available to help the students learn to code.


Tynker — Ages 6 and Up

Using code blocks to create programs, this app allows young students to create their own applications. Apart from letting students write interactive stories, customize heroes and villains, and build complicated role-playing games, the app also allows them to create their own Minecraft modifications to use at home. The teacher’s edition includes planning tools and training videos to help you support students as they explore.

MIT App Inventor — Ages 8 and Up

Carrying the foundation built by Tynker ahead, this app also uses visual blocks to teach coding concepts and processes. And although students can create a simple app within an hour of getting started, App Inventor also helps them move past those quick-and-easy projects towards building larger programs. The App Inventor site includes forums where the teachers, as well as the students, can ask for help, teacher tools, and project ideas. It also incorporates LEGO MINDSTORMS objects that students can use to control MINDSTORMS robots.

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