Samsung Flip – A Digital Whiteboard Solution

The new Samsung Flip is a uniquely modern spin on the age-old paper flip chart that’s still found in countless classrooms and meeting areas. It is a bane especially for the educators who embrace the concept of active learning by engaging and collaborating with students, instead of just instructing them in lecture settings.


The Flip is a portable interactive display that allows for easy, instant collaboration and is shaped like an easel-based flip chart. It is touted to ease the following problems of the IT support teams working in higher education:

  • As technology is often spread out across many floors, buildings and campuses that cover many acres, it is difficult for the educators and students to get help immediately when required.
  • Most interactive technologies require initial and refresher training to encourage usage, which often falls on IT support.
  • The more complicated the technology, the more prone it is to break or lock up — or need parts replacement because a critical connector, dongle or stylus has gone missing.

The core design principle behind Flip is that it’s so intuitive that no user training is required. It has a presence sensor that turns on the display when someone pulls the stylus from its built-in sleeve or even walks within range. Unlike many touch displays, it will work regardless of a dedicated stylus — any writing tool will work and you can open menus and adjust settings with your finger.

This kind of interactive technology addresses a marketplace need for easy, informal and inherently familiar tools for group collaboration for the educators. Instead of forcing meetings into rooms with fixed technology that are often booked and unavailable, Flip’s core attributes is the ability to easily wheel the device around a building, going to where a group is gathered.

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