Challenges of Digitization in Education Industry Users

While the Indian education industry is racing ahead in adoption of technology, the issues facing all other industries, is a challenge here as well. While digitization of education is one of the many issue faced by multitudes of colleges across the world, India has some unique challenges. In this context, while the implementation of technology is a boon, the supporting staff and other peripherals that should connect and aid it is the bane. However, it does not stop there.


Generically stated, problems that most educational institutions face are centered on connectivity issues, expense of resources and misuse of property.

The quality of connectivity is usually affected by the devices used, and how well they are aligned to the mainframe of the college. This can be avoided by ensuring that the institution hires the staff best suited to their requirements. Most institutions, however, are unable to do so, because of the biggest problem in all industries.

Expense: The cost of digitizing an institute is always higher than what is anticipated. Moreover, most non-aided institutes rely solely on the fees and donations they receive to implement changes. The money received, after the salaries and necessary bills are paid, is not as high as what they would require to hire a fully functional support team and equipments. Hiking of the fees is inevitable, which leads to furor amongst the parents.

And lastly, the biggest challenge: Teaching students about digital citizenship, and ensuring that the institution’s property is not misused. Most children nowadays are aware about technology, but how many are capable enough to handle a tablet instead of a textbook? Not to forget, in their playfulness, there may be some serious damage to the equipments provided to them for their learning, which could either lead the school into a downward spiral of constantly replacing equipments, or heavily fine students for misuse.

Once these major challenges are overcome, institutions can implement better and more advanced devices that allow students to learn better, understand faster and perhaps, aid in the technological revolution of the world.

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