Education on the Cloud

There is a new generation of students in the world. One who associates a classroom with the SmartBoard, playing games online, for whom the answers to their sums can be found on the internet?


Today, cloud technology provides heavy support to educational institutions. Not only does it offer near-unlimited storage space, but in addition, it is cheaper than the usual storage devices.

Additionally, it allows students to access the data from any device that can log into the World Wide Web. All they have to do is get online, and their entire study materials, course materials, additional notes, and maybe even their own personal notes are available on it.

Not only does this ensure that the student can study anywhere, even on the go, but it allows teachers to actually implement changes to their materials. Things that were important ten years ago are not even relevant today. So why should the children be burdened into learning obsolete and outdated ideas?

What may cost an average college student hundreds of dollars can be now accessed online, and at most, at a minimal fee? It beats the system of forcing children to rely only on outdated textbooks, while ensuring that they can study wherever they are, whenever they want to.

Teachers also use the cloud storage technologies to share interactive presentations, study materials and notes, to a more diverse audience. Instead of giving one child the presentation, in one pen drive, the teacher can now instantaneously upload the presentation to every child’s cloud storage, and not worry about it again.

With presentations, schools are becoming smarter nowadays. What once used to be a 2D, colorful yet uninstructive PowerPoint presentation has now become an immersive 3D/4D virtual reality that the child can experience, first hand. Not only does this allow the child to, literally, immerse themselves in the topic, but it also ensures better memory retention.

To aid with the creation of a healthy study environment, institutes are also implementing anti-bullying technologies. These are used to ensure that the student’s usage can be monitored, and that they do not suffer from the mental trauma that cyber bullying brings with it.

The cloud has certainly cast over the education sector.

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