Technology Challenges Teachers Face – Part 2

Technology for the classroom is a key component in the promises made to parents about the quality of education their children receive. However, the mere existence of the technology doesn’t mean it is being utilized efficiently. Teachers are often left out of the technology equation to languish on the sidelines or hustle to keep up with the technological improvements their school boards insist on providing. Here are the biggest technology challenges teachers faces today.


Lack of Content Knowledge

One must have a deep understanding of the topic at hand to use any knowledge tool effectively. Teachers must be well versed with the subject matter of their class, act as a leader and manager of learners, and take time to plan and prepare throughout the year. If these things aren’t done, there is no way the application of a tool to enhance the educational experience will provide positive results.

Teachers must also understand learning styles and how knowledge is conveyed, understood, and retained. If the teacher cannot learn to present information more intelligently, a computer screen will not work any better than a blackboard.

Security Concerns

Hacking, data breaches, and malware are not just limited to the business world but the chances of these problems are equally increasing in educational institutions as classrooms move toward allowing students to bring their own devices, access the internet on school-owned equipment, or use portable media between devices at school and home.

A student’s flash drive can spread malware to a school computer, opening the school network to hackers who can steal information or maliciously destroy the educational environment. It’s the duty of educators to protect the student information.

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