Technology Challenges Teachers Face – Part 1

Technology for the classroom is a key component in the promises made to parents about the quality of education their children receive. However, the mere existence of the technology doesn’t mean it is being utilized efficiently. Teachers are often left out of the technology equation to languish on the sidelines or hustle to keep up with the technological improvements their school boards insist on providing. Here are the biggest technology challenges teachers faces today.


Lack of Professional Development

The education organizations need to understand that when new equipment and software is introduced, how much training do the teachers receive and also if it goes any further than how to use the basic parts of the program. Teachers need the opportunity to learn more about the software rather than just a right box to click. They need help integrating these new tools into the curriculum in ways that will not just replace but also improve the tools they were using before.

The educational organizations need to bring teachers into the buying process so that they have a say in the types of solutions being considered. They also need to provide more training than a short session at launch such as having training sessions throughout the year.

The Failure of Personalized Learning

The educational technology was supposed to determine each student’s learning style and speed and then map it with the appropriate content, but unfortunately, many teachers are not receiving the right tools to accomplish that vision. Those who are may not be using them effectively.

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