Drawbacks of Technology in Education – Part 3

In a world where technology has surpassed humanity, it is playing an important role in education as well. However, just like every coin has a flip side, technology in education has its drawbacks too. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Losing assignment for students


One cannot completely rely on the gadgets to store important projects and assignments. What if the system stops working? What if there is no internet connection? What if there is no power backup? What if you are not able to save the document and the system gets corrupted? There is always a risk while working on a computer

Difficulty in Online Courses

Slow internet and network issues can dampen the spirit of online courses. Also, the online courses often fail to create motivation for learning or self-discipline and usually end with monotonous experiences and frustration.

Extinction of Good Handwriting

With gadgets replacing pen and paper, finding a person with good handwriting is just like finding a needle in the haystack. People are sacrificing their handwriting to adopt the technology for fast learning, in turn slowing down your thinking process by making your neurons lethargic.

Partial to the Low-Income Group

The educational institutions with low-income do not have access to a huge number of computers to make it available for all the students. Technology needs a huge sum of money to shower its blessings to the educational institutes especially the colleges that require a large number of computers to educate its students with advanced science.

Replacing Books with E-books

All your important stuff is now compressed in your favourite gadgets even the books which have now become e-books. E-books may not be cost-effective at times and can cause eyestrain. Additionally, they might not be compatible to all the devices, which might include yours.

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